KJSK Trader Call Sheet

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The News Talk 900 Trader is heard Monday thru Friday at 7:45 am

03/22/17–Wanted:  An old square washtub on a stand.  Phone:  402-613-3685.

03/08/17–Sell:  Two pair of Levis jeans 38″ waist, jeans with 36″ waist, two Oshkosh overalls.  Phone:  402-367-4114. (David City)

03/07/17–Sell:  A dinette set with 4 padded chairs on rollers, table with one leaf, and a new kerosene heater that can heat 800 square feet for $25.  Phone:  402-562-8179.

03/07/17–Wanted:  An inversion table device which permits a person to hang upside down.  Phone:  402-920-2139.

02/22/17–Sell:  An electric folding hospital bed without a mattress.  Phone:  402-564-0767.

02/14/17–Sell:  A pair of girls Adidas track shoes, size 7.  Phone:  402-892-3828.

02/15/17–Sell:  A sewing machine in a cabinet, and a manual and electric typewriter.  Phone:  402-936-5753.

01/24/17–Sell:  A Snapper 24″ self-propelled snow blower.  Phone:  402-564-0889.

01/17/17–Sell:  A heavy duty steel safe 30″ tall.  Phone:  402-367-4114. (David City)

01/05/17–Sell:  An antique fainting couch in good condition.  Phone:  402-564-4843.

01/04/17–Sell:  A 2001 Ford pickup, 5.3 engine, V8.  A 1951 3/4 ton pickup, International Harvester reconditioned.  A 1998 medical emergency vehicle used for camping.  Sleeps several people and can carry all supplies needed.  Phone:  712-501-1800.

01/03/17–Sell:  A cedar chest for $50.  Phone:  402-276-4923.

12/30/16–Sell:  A Kitchen Aid washer and dryer for $175.  Phone:  402-615-1216.

12/28/16–Sell:  A drywall lift, a Hoover Round wheelchair, an old barber’s chair.  Phone:  402-246-3400.

12/16/16–Wanted:  A set of old time shoe stretchers.  Phone:  402-910-8857.

12/14/16–Wanted:  A large dog kennel.  Phone:  402-564-6542.

12/14/16–Sell:  A champions jacket.  Phone:  402-615-1046.

12/09/16–Sell:  A  Complete set of golf clubs.  Woods are Wilson Ultra, irons are Custom King Snakes.  Comes with a travel bag.  Also have other woods and irons for sale.  All in excellent condition.  Phone:  402-352-3319. (Schuyler)

12/09/16–Sell:  A propane fueled Maytag clothes dryer.  Phone:  402-276-2666.

12/09/16–Sell:  A Kerosene heater, never used.  Phone:  402-562-8179.

12/07/16–Sell: Baldwin Acrosonic piano in good condition. $200.  Phone:  308-340-4947.

12/01/16–Sell:  A 26 cubic foot Kenmore side by side refrigerator with water and ice in the door, three years old, and  an over the range microwave.  Both items in excellent condition.  Phone:  402-270-8733.

11/28/16–Wanted:  Magazines and calendars to make bookmarks.  Phone:  402-563-2356.

11/17/16–Sell:  A card table and four chairs.  Phone:  402-564-4358.

11/14/16–Sell:  A lift recliner for $75.  Phone:  402-564-6819.

11/11/16–Wanted:  A used shop anvil. Phone:   402-910-3295

11/07/16–Sell:  Three portable pet kennels, and two bird cages.  Phone:  402-564-7935.

11/04/16–Sell:  Like new jeans for a couple of dollars each.  Phone:  402-367-4114. (David City)

09/29/16–Wanted:  Baby food jars.  Phone:  402-270-0120.

09/29/16–Sell:  A cedar chest 50 years old for $125, and a curio cabinet for $125.  Phone:  308-380-9183. (Schuyler)

09/21/16–Sell:  A full size bed, headboard and footboard, box spring and mattress, almost new.  Phone:  402-352-3541.

08/01/16–Sell:  A futon in very good condition for $45.  A Murray girl’s 10 speed bicycle in good condition for $35.  A small wooden student desk with drawers for $20. Two twin size captain’s beds with drawers underneath for $75 each, and two twin size bookshelf headboards for $25 each.  Phone:  402-270-1973 and leave a message.

08/24/16–Wanted: A Columbus Sales Pavilion wooden walking cane. Phone: 402-352-8804.

08/24/16–Wanted: A 4-row Rudy Novak button accordion, and an Antonin Hlavacek 4-row button accordion with a “fast” keyboard. Phone: 402-352-8804.

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