Snow Continues to Pile Up in Boston

(BOSTON) — It’s a snow pile of epic proportions — and it’s growing larger by the hour.

Boston’s snow farm is filled with piles higher than most of the neighborhood’s triple-decker buildings, with many just as wide.

The piles fill a lot at 6 Tide Street in the South Boston Seaport District, on a labyrinthine street within the city’s cruise terminal.

More than 6,000 tons of snow has been melted in the lot over 24 hour-period inside an Aero Snow Melter, a massive machine that can turn 350 tons of the wet stuff an hour into puddles and steam.

Dozens of dump trucks waited in line on Monday to deposit loads of snow, which was then picked up by bulldozers to be dumped into the melter, a process that was repeated continuously as more than 20 inches of snow was expected to fall on Boston’s streets on Monday.

Roughly six feet, four inches of snow — the same height as Red Sox player David Ortiz — has buried Boston this winter, with more than 60 inches falling just in the past two weeks.

“This is snow like we’ve never seen before in the past,” Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said at a City Hall press conference on Monday.


Walsh’s first term as mayor has been marked with more snowfall than during the famous blizzard of ’78. “This snow just keeps on coming and it’s a problem,” he said.

Boston had 600 pieces of equipment working on Monday to clear icy, snow-covered roadways.

Snow-covered sidewalks forced pedestrians into the streets, making conditions treacherous for plow drivers, Walsh said.

He urged Boston residents to stay home on Tuesday and businesses to give their workers the day off.

The city suspended subway and commuter train service on Monday and cancelled schools again for Tuesday.

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