Mother Turned In Son Because He Allegedly Wants to Become a Serial Killer

(SPOKANE, Wash.) — A concerned mother has turned her son in to police because she believed he wanted to become a serial killer, according to prosecutors. The son has now talked publicly about the voices in his head during a jailhouse interview.

Police say Daniel Spain was wanted as a suspect in a stabbing that took place in Spokane, Washington, on Thursday. After seeing surveillance footage released in connection to that stabbing, Spain’s mother drove her son to the police station because she recognized him in the footage.

Spain, 25, spoke to ABC affiliate KYLY-TV from behind bars and talked about how he believes he has a multiple personality disorder and that only part of him has violent urges.

“I became aware of another personality in me that wanted to hurt people because they hurt me,” he said during the interview.

“She [the alleged victim] thought the other me was going beat her up or something like that, not stab her, because I wouldn’t allow that had I known that. Neither would one of the others I have,” he said.

Spain told KXLY-TV he had been rejected by women — though not the woman he allegedly attacked — in the past and that prompted his rage.

The explanation is reminiscent of the one given by Eliott Rodger, the 22-year-old student in Santa Barbara, California, who said he was enraged before going on a rampage in May 2014, killing six people before turning his gun on himself.

Spain’s mother has not publicly disclosed whether he had specifically indicated that he wanted to become a serial killer, but something triggered her to bring him to police as soon as she learned about his connection to the stabbing. His mother had no comment when contacted by ABC News.

“Being able to find someone alone and hurting them without anyone seeing or any witnesses it’s kind of really hard,” Spain said during the KXLY-TV interview.

Spain appeared in court Friday via video link where he was charged with first-degree assault. He did not enter a plea.

Deputy Prosecutor Kyle Treece argued that he should have a high bail set against him because, “his goal is to become a serial killer and this was an action that was meant to further that end.”

“It’s come to the attention of the detectives and Mr. Spain’s mother that Mr Spain well his goal is to become a serial killer and this was an action that was meant to further that end,” Treece said.

Spain appeared unmoved during Treece’s comment, though other defendants behind him who were also waiting to be arraigned appeared to be unsettled by the comment.

The judge set Spain’s bond at $100,000 and he remains in the custody of the Spokane County Jail. It’s unclear whether he has a lawyer.